Five reasons to embrace this underrated veggie “Okra”

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

21st Jun, 2021. 04:07 pm
Five reasons to embrace this underrated veggie "Okra"

Sheri Castle, author of “The New Southern Garden Cookbook” stated, If people don’t like okra, also named as ladyfinger, they fall into two categories.

She stated, “They either have never had it but have heard the horror stories, or tried to cook it and had such a bad outcome that they were afraid to try it again.”

Please do not add this amazing veggie to the list of items to be canceled. It rather irritating and amusingly shaped meal, which is actually the seed pod of the okra plant, and deserves another chance.

Here are five reasons to adore okra (ladyfinger).

Of course, it’s beneficial to your health

One cup of okra (approximately 8 pods) contains 3 grams of fiber, which is more than the same quantity of cauliflower or brown rice. It’s also high in vitamins A and C and low in carbohydrates.

Okra has traditionally been used as a folk remedy for diabetes, and studies have shown that the plant can have a beneficial effect, lowering blood sugar levels and blocking cholesterol generation.

It’s easy to cook whole

If the “slime factor” has turned you off from okra in the past, there’s an easy method to prevent it: cook your okra whole.

Okra contains mucilage, a natural sugar-protein compound that thickens when heated. Leaving the okra whole leaves the mucilage within, so “you’re halfway there if you never pull the plug,” Castle stated.

You can still get around the “goo” issue

There’s no reason to limit yourself to just eating entire okra. Once you’ve mastered that technique, it’s time to move on to the deep slices — okra cuts, to be specific. Make sure the okra is completely dry before slicing, as wet okra is the leading cause of sticky, soggy okra.

Castle suggests sautéing the okra on its own before adding other components to dishes that call for sliced okra. “Let them cook for about 3 minutes before stirring,” she advised, “which is long enough for the heat to set the saccharides” in the mucilage.

It has the potential to be more versatile

Okra is an excellent addition for carrying on the great heritage of pickling your summer veggies. Pickle the pods entire in a simple spiced brine, or use a dilly bean pickle recipe with okra for a change.

Okra provides crunchy delight in two methods for munching. In your oven or food dehydrator, make handmade crispy okra chips. They’re also tasty as high-fiber salads.

It enhances the beauty of your garden

“Okra is so lovely that you could plant it as an ornamental,” Castle added. Okra is botanically linked to cotton, hibiscus, and hollyhocks because it is a member of the mallow plant family. Its blooms are similar to those of the hibiscus plant, with delicate petals surrounding a deep crimson center. They’re also edible and make a striking addition to a summer salad.

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