Google Hopes Artificial Intelligence Can Turn Search Into a Conversation

Web DeskWeb Editor

15th Jun, 2021. 06:26 pm
Artificial intelligence

Google often uses its annual developer conference, I/O, to showcase artificial intelligence with a wow factor. The tech giants introduced LaMDA this year.

In 2016, it introduced the Google Home smart speaker with Google Assistant. In 2018, Duplex debuted to answer calls and schedule appointments for businesses. In keeping with that tradition, last month CEO Sundar Pichai introduced LaMDA, Artificial Intelligence “designed to have a conversation on any topic.”

Pichai demonstrated what it’s like to converse with a paper airplane and the celestial body Pluto in an onstage demo. For each query, LaMDA responded with three or four sentences meant to resemble a natural conversation between two people. Over time, Pichai said, LaMDA could be incorporated into Google products including Assistant, Workspace, and most crucially, search.

Pichai said: “We believe LaMDA’s natural conversation capabilities have the potential to make information and computing radically more accessible and easier to use,”

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