Google Messages is getting auto-OTP deletion as well as ‘SMS Categories’ features

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 02:42 pm
Google Messages is getting auto-OTP deletion as well as ‘SMS Categories' features

Google is getting ready to launch two new features for its Messages app. As users receive messages from friends and family as well as businesses sending promotions, receipts, order confirmations, and other types of messages, the company is offering a new way to view them.

The search engine giant is introducing SMS Categories, which uses machine learning technology to intelligently categorize your messages. These include personal, transactional, and one-time passwords (OTPs), among others. According to Google, the categories will “help you easily find the messages that matter most the moment you need it.”

The company stated in the blog post, “That means, bank transactions and bills will be filtered into the transactions tab, while conversations with saved numbers can be easily located in the personal tab. All of this happens safely on your device so your conversations stay in the app and you can access your categorized messages offline.”

Google is also giving the ability to automatically erase one-time passwords to help keep your email clutter-free (OTPs). They will be erased 24 hours after they are received, so you won’t have to waste time manually deleting them.

To enable it, simply tap the “Continue” button to confirm your choices when you see the suggestion prompt. Google has also stated that it will begin rolling them out in English in the coming weeks. The new features will be available for Android phones running Android 8 and newer versions.

The new auto-OTP deletion and SMS Categories functions are optional and can be turned off in the settings. If you want to try them out, make sure you have the latest version of the Google Messages app installed.

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