Is Popcorn a healthy snack? Know The Health Benefits & Side Effects

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

13th Jun, 2021. 02:30 pm
Popcorn health benefits

Popcorn is a variety of corn kernel, which forcefully expands and puffs up when heated. It is a good munching snack, if taken without added sugar or salt, this snack is quite nutritious and healthy.

There are a few health benefits to eating popcorn. In addition to being high in fibre, popcorn is a whole grain, an important food group that may lessen the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension in human beings.

However, air-popped popcorn with no oil provides the best health benefits. Have a look!

Health Benefits

1. Improves Digestive Health

Popcorn good for the digestive system and tract and is high in dietary fibre, which helps with digestive regularity, keep a feeling of fullness throughout the day. It works best for the heart to stay healthy and may also help to protect against colon cancer. Eating this snack may help to promote healthy gut bacteria which are essential for not only digestion but also for a healthy immune system.

2. Helps In Metabolism And Provides Energy

Popcorn is rich in vitamin B, including vitamin B3, B6 and folate. Vitamin B is essential for regulating bodily processes across multiple systems. The two examples of these are the composition of energy and the metabolism of various nutrients.

3. Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

A high intake of fibre has been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as coronary heart disease. Fiber is an important part of a balanced diet and popcorn is ideal if you need a snack that contributes to your daily fibre intake.

4. Controls Blood Sugar Level

When the body has ample amounts of fibre, it regulates the release and management of blood sugar and insulin levels better than people with low levels of fibre. Popcorn lowers blood sugar levels, Reduction of these fluctuations in blood sugar is a major bonus for diabetic patients and hence this snack is always recommended if a person suffers from diabetes.

5. Helps In Relieving Constipation

Since popcorn is all whole grain, its insoluble fibres help keep the digestive tract in check and prevent constipation. Researchers have found out that people who ate popcorn regularly increased their daily fibre intake by 22%. Eating more fibrous foods helps in relieving constipation.

How to Prepare Popcorn?

Popcorn is easy to prepare and enjoy at home. Start with about a half cup of kernels. Add them large pot with a lid so that the kernels have room to expand. Heat your pot over medium heat and pour in the kernels. If desired, add 1 to 3 tablespoons of light oil. Place the lid on the pot. You’ll soon start to hear the kernels popping.

Make sure you coat the popcorn with oil while it’s still hot, and then follow up with any dry ingredients before serving.

Add-ons can include:

  1. Light butter or olive oil
  2. Salt and pepper
  3. Chile flakes
  4. Grated cheese

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