Meghan Markle has expressed her gratitude to all animal lovers

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

21st Jun, 2021. 11:10 am
Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle has thanked all animal lovers who have donated to a charity that she supports.

The Duchess of Sussex, who is a supporter of the London-based animal welfare organization Mayhew, praised individuals from all over the world for helping dogs and cats find forever homes while also supporting owners and therapy pets.

“Over the last year, each of us has felt the profound effects of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Be it the loss of a loved one, the health challenges far too many faced, or the disproportionate life changes everyone has experienced, it has been an overwhelming process of grief, growth, and also of gratitude,” she wrote in the foreword she penned for Mayhew’s annual review.

“I have heard from so many of you about the impact of having a pet with you at home during the isolation of lockdown; you have mentioned the therapeutic effect of having your animal by your side and the solace and comfort you found in their company,” she went on to say.

“This effect is something Mayhew strives to deliver day in and day out to people throughout the UK and beyond,” said Meghan as she further expressed gratitude to “every animal lover across London, the UK and the world who has supported Mayhew during the past year”.

“Your help has meant that, despite the hardship, Mayhew has been able to continue providing vital support to cats and dogs, and the communities around them. I have been proud to witness Mayhew adapting to the moment – through virtual rehoming, TheraPaws visits over Zoom and delivering care packages to animals and pet owners in need,” said Meghan.

“When I reflect on 2020, I always come back to the importance of community and connection. We may have been forced apart, but we found new ways to be close and to support each other through this shared crisis,” she said.

“For many of us, this was made all the easier with our pets by our side. Mayhew – and thousands of small, community organizations like them – will continue to listen, adapt their services, and provide the resources that people and pets need to stay together and persevere through hardships. As we collectively build to the future, my sincere hope is that we do so with ongoing support and appreciation for organizations like Mayhew, who continue their vital work in days of crisis and in days of calm. Their commitment to the cause of animal welfare is steadfast and their effect on our community wellbeing is self-evident,” she added.

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