Microsoft introduces Windows 11, a more refined version of windows

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

25th Jun, 2021. 11:47 am
Microsoft introduces Windows 11, a more refined version of windows

Everything we saw in Windows 10 is certainly evolving, as indicated by the leaked build. But, after six years with the last iteration, there’s an extra shine of polish that’s pleasant to witness. The Microsoft Windows 11 will be a free upgrade for Windows 10 users.

The centred taskbar we saw last week is still, well, front and centre. Breaking a tradition that began with Windows 95 is likely to be unsettling for many users.

Personally, I’m more curious to see how Windows users react to the new Start menu. When Microsoft attempted to modify that with the full-screen Start page in Windows 8, it sparked a massive consumer backlash. The new version of Windows 11 isn’t as dramatic, but it’ll still require some learning.

Another new addition is Snap Groups, which is a group of apps that can be accessed together on the taskbar. That’s a good decision because few of us only use one app at a time.

There’s also good news for multi-monitor Windows users: Windows 11 now allows you to juggle apps between many displays without disrupting your workflow.

One aspect of the Windows 11 leak that we didn’t see was how it would improve the tablet PC experience. The final version of the OS appears to feature some useful changes, such as larger touch targets for easier app resizing.

When it comes to gaming, Windows 11 will include the Auto HDR feature, which was initially seen on the Xbox Series X and S. (This was also tested on Windows 10.) Auto HDR will allow the OS to apply more dynamic colour and lighting to older games automatically.

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