‘No sacred cows take action against anyone disobeying law’: PM Imran Khan

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

16th Jun, 2021. 07:40 pm
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PM Imran Khan on Wednesday stated there are “no sacred cows in the country” and the police should not be scared to take action against even him or any other minister.

PM while addressing the inauguration of the Eagle Squad Unit of the Islamabad Police, said rule of law triumphs when everyone is equivalent in the eyes of the law.

“The police’s job is to enforce the law, and a country progresses when the police do their job,” stated the prime minister

PM further clarified that law implementation does not mean to only send a poor man behind bars.

The premier said the police should show sympathy to the people who earn daily incomes and common people and should take severe action against a powerful person when they break the law.

“No country can have peace and prosperity where common citizens are dealt with a heavy hand by the law, while people in power get off easy,” he said.

“The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) also said that he would take action against his own daughter if she breaks the law, he warned his people that the nations before them were cursed as they did not take action against the powerful,” stated PM.

The prime minister said he required the formation of the rule of law in the country, as “might is right is the law of the jungle”.

“A human society is defined by the rule of law,” he said.

“We are not progressing, In the past, when a Pakistani president went to the US, his counterpart received him, when he went to the UK, the queen gave him a reception, and we haven’t been able to reach that point again as we have not taken action against the powerful people,” he said.

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