People of AJK fighting Imran Khan, while occupied Kashmir is fighting Modi: Bilawal Bhutto

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

26th Jun, 2021. 12:47 am
Bilawal Bhutto PTI Government

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said people in India-occupied Kashmir are fighting against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while their comrades in Azad Jammu and Kashmir are fighting “Prime Minister Imran Khan’s rising inflation and unemployment”.

Bilawal, addressing a rally in Mirpur, said PPP stands side by side with Kashmiris, as they have always had the party’s back in its hard times.

The PPP chairman stated he could not endure to see the “helplessness” of the Kashmiri people and mourned over the insolence of the inescapable government towards them.

“You are suffering because of the failed and incompetent government of Imran Khan, “stated the PPP chairman.

Bilawal said PPP is the only solution for the problems whether they live in AJK or occupied Kashmir. “If you (people) help PPP form a government, then we will solve your problems and get rid of Modi and Imran Khan.”

“We have struggled against dictatorships together and history is a witness to that. You had supported President Zardari and Qamar Zaman Kaira was your minister for Kashmir affairs,” he said.

“You have to help elect PPP candidates with a huge margin. The PPP will serve the people of Kashmir after getting elected on 25 July.”

Later in the day, Bilawal said eagerness was growing at each stop, as he uttered his gratefulness to the people of Dudyal, Palak Chaksawari, Dhanna, and Manel for giving him a heartfelt welcome.


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