PM Imran Khan laments world’s inattention to environmental issues

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

05th Jun, 2021. 05:34 pm
PM Imran Ghotki train accident

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday bewailed the world had not given enough attention to the environmental issues faced today, calling for shared efforts to challenge them.

The PM commented during the World Environment Day event that Pakistan hosted a joint venture with the United Nations Environment Programme.

Pakistan is among those countries that are worst affected by climate change,  which is also regularly hit by distressing floods in recent years, dislocating hundreds of thousands of people and abolishing paths of agricultural land.

“Unfortunately, the world hasn’t paid much attention to conserving the environment,” the premier said during his address, noting the countries that had paid due attention to the matter were in a better state as compared to others.

The devastation caused by melting glaciers

The premier warned that due to global warming the glaciers are melting and if the world did not pay enough attention to this issue today, there would be more devastation across the globe.

The governments across the world could not implement their policies of environmental protection and preservation unless fully backed by their masses, the PM added.

He then invited Pakistanis youngsters and students, who must participate in the government’s launched programs like Ten Billion Trees and Clean and Green Pakistan.

The premier noted Pakistan had been placed on the list of countries that were facing a worrying future due to the adversative effects of the rising global warming issues.

Prime Minister said a deteriorating water crisis would hit Pakistan in the coming days, and the provinces were already impugning each other for stealing their water.

“Pakistan’s 80% water comes through glaciers, and glaciers are being severely affected due to global warming …. India and several other countries will be affected by it,” he said.

The prime minister underlined the need for making persistent and sustainable efforts for the preservation of the planet earth for the future of the coming generations.



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