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Rural Indian’s are still terrified to get vaccinated against Covid-19

Raba NoorWeb Editor

05th Jun, 2021. 06:26 pm
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rural India are still terrified

In India, where COVID-19 patients have been unable to access ambulances and even the best-equipped hospitals have run out of oxygen.

Even the pandemic’s wave would be getting worst by the time in this situation the population of rural India is still terrified to get vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus.

When the health worker team visited the villages of India to vaccinate and testify the occupants against Covid-19 the villagers rush out the back, as they don’t want to vaccinate them against Covid-19.

One of the health worker Neelum Kumari knock on the doors of villagers so the occupants ran away back and get terrified that she wants to vaccinate them.

While talking to Indian Media Kumari said, “A lot of people in my village don’t want to take the vaccine. They fear that they will die if they take it,”

“One of the villagers was so angry that he beat up a (health) worker who was trying to convince him to take the vaccine.”

Rumors are circulated through social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp. People are fearful that 5G will cause Covid-19. They are promoted to attacks on cell towers in Haryana.

An Indian Doctor in Miyaganj village in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh told,

“People do not even step forward for testing as they think the government will declare them Covid-positive even if they are not,”


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