The only thing worthy is ‘originality’, we should not follow west: PM Imran khan

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

26th Jun, 2021. 06:29 pm
Prime Minister Imran Khan Congratulates Ibrahim Raisi On Winning Presidential Elections

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday addressed the award ceremony of the short film festival organized by Inter-Services Press Relations (ISPR) saying he is pleased that the country is now on the right path thanks to DG ISPR.

“I am content we have set out on the right trajectory after all and I am grateful for the scholarships being handed out to deserving students”, he said while approving the ingenuity taken by the armed forces.

The PM bewailed the history of the Pakistani art industry saying we devoted only to copying the Indian culture instead of following our own and producing original content out of it.

The premier recalled how his Hollywood celebrity friends attended the Shaukat Khanum Hospital fundraisers and became complete fans of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan when Khan escorted him there for his ceremonies, due to the fact that how he chased his exclusive and innovative talent by making his mark with his remarkable talent instead of copying India.

“My other local celebrity friends, too, requested I introduced them to Hollywood people but unfortunately, they had nothing interesting and original to offer”, the PM said.

“It is only when we stick by the original value that we can really succeed”, he said.

“When I went to England to play cricket with the team, we were told we are not here to win but only to learn… such was the Western complex instilled in us and the impact of colonialism.”

PM further added we can only win if we are determined to win, that’s when we really start winning and inventing new technologies still accredited to us. “Our reverse swing and spinning techniques are imitated now the world over.”


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