The Safest Places to Travel in COVID-19

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

18th Jun, 2021. 03:51 pm
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The COVID-19 pandemic hindered international travel in 2020 but as inoculations are dispersed around the globe, more and more countries are reopening their borders to foreign tourists.

Safety will be the most important aspect for many and while circumstances can change in the time of COVID-19

There are a few of the potential destinations that stand out when it comes to offering travelers both safety and peace of mind.


Although Canada is still off-limits to Americans, it is rated as the safest destination according to a recent survey conducted by travel insurance companies. The handling of the coronavirus pandemic better than most, Canada is ranked as the world’s harmless place across all three age groups, with millennials, middle-aged, and Aged tourists.

New Zealand

New Zealand is another country that responded well to the COVID-19 catastrophe. The destination ranks second on the 2020 Global Peace Index, even cutting out Canada by four spots. New Zealand is also listed at a Level 1 travel advisory by the U.S. State Department.


Ranking number one on the 2020 Global Peace Index, Iceland remains closed to Americans entering 2021 due to restrictions. The U.S. will need to see an intense improvement in terms of COVID-19 cases in early 2021 in order for Iceland and the rest of Europe to open up sooner rather than later.


Switzerland is a top 10 country in terms of peace but has battled in its recent handling of the coronavirus pandemic. Like most places, Switzerland is a constantly safe destination for the world in terms of now when it comes to non-essential travel.


Scandinavia, including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and, yes, Finland, ranks among the best in the world when it comes to both peace and contentment. According to the World Happiness Report by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations.

Finland is the world’s happiest country, which is followed by Denmark, with Norway and Sweden ranking fifth and seventh, respectively. All four nations also rank inside the top 17 on the 2020 Global Peace Index.


Italy was badly affected in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic but has recuperated quite well and remains one of the world’s most peaceful countries.

According to the 2020 Global Peace Index. When Europe finally reopens to U.S. freedom travelers, you can bet Americans will herd to this sought-after cultural center.


Ranking inside of the top 20 globally for both peace and glee, Ireland is currently open to travelers seeking a safe destination abroad.

However, visitors are obligated to complete a COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form and quarantine for at least two weeks.


While the pandemic has forced the world to raise their travel advisory levels for many destinations that would otherwise be measured safe to visit.

Singapore is one of only five places listed at a Level 1 (exercise normal precautions) on the State Department’s four-level scale heading into January. The sovereign island city-state also located seventh on the 2020 Global Peace Index.


Amid a global pandemic, Thailand enters 2021 as one of the safest destinations on the planet.

The Asian hotspot recently received a Level 1 travel advisory.

Even before the pandemic Thailand was considered the hotspot for travelers around the world.


Like Thailand, Taiwan is one of the few places to begin the New Year at a low-risk Level 1 based on valuations by both the U.S. State Department and CDC. Taiwan has room for upgrading in terms of the Global Peace Index (37th), it still fares far better than the United States, which ranks 121st by contrast.


Portugal was one of the developing international destinations, prior to the coronavirus pandemic and the COVID-19 crisis has enforced many to put their travel plans on hold,

The European country, which ranks third on the 2020 Global Peace Index, remains among the safest places in the world for travelers.


Aruba was already among the world’s safest vacation spots for travelers but has paved itself on that list in 2021 by approval of a multi-layered approach to tourism which includes visitors having to produce negative tests and purchase insurance to cover them in case they fall severely ill upon constricting COVID-19.


Japan is ranked 10th on the list of the Safest Countries scale for the second conventional year and has landed between seventh and 14th on the list for each of the last three years.

Japan also ranks ninth on the 2020 Global Peace Index.




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