The ‘strawberry moon’, will be visible in Karachi tonight

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

24th Jun, 2021. 08:33 pm

The last supermoon of 2021, also known as the “strawberry moon”, will be visible in Karachi.

According to astrological expert Dr. Javed Iqbal, “the moon will be closer to earth than usual and so, will appear bigger, thus the term supermoon”.

The full strawberry moon will appear brightest at 11:39 pm, stated the expert.

According to a Private news channel, which quoted Earth Sky, spectators will see a large golden (not strawberry-colored) moon for two to three nights.

Whereas the strawberry moon is the first of four full moons to feature in the summer.

The name initiates from Aboriginal peoples and denotes the growing of strawberries and other fruits that takes place late spring and early summer.

The last three supermoons were seen on March 28, April 27, and May 26.

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