This healthy mango parfait recipe is perfect for summers

Raba NoorWeb Editor

30th Jun, 2021. 11:49 pm
mango parfait recipe

mango parfait recipe

Summers are all about mangoes. If you are fond of the fruit, you would know that there are many simple and interesting recipes that you can prepare at home.

This mango dessert recipe is perfect for a particularly hot day when you would just want to bite into a mango

Here is a quick, healthy, and easy recipe for Mango Parfait.


*Half a cup of granola
*Half a cup of diced mango
*Half a cup of coconut yogurt
*One tbsp of soaked chia seeds
*Half a tbsp of honey


* Take a glass and add the granola seeds first.
* Then add the diced mangoes.
* Next, add coconut yogurt.
* After that add the soaked chia seeds.
* Layer it once again, and repeat the aforementioned process until the glass is full.
* When done, drizzle some honey and you are set.

The delicious summer dessert is now ready; would you like to try this today? 

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