Twitter may allow you to ‘unmention’ yourself from tweets

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

15th Jun, 2021. 12:20 pm
Twitter may allow you to ‘unmention' yourself from tweets

Twitter is looking at a new technique to prevent the kind of “unwanted attention” that frequently leads to harassment.

The company is developing tools that, if released, would allow users to restrict others from discussing them without the use of a block or mute button.

The features, described as “early concepts” by Twitter product designer Dominic Camozzi. This would allow users to “unmention themselves”. It also helps them regulate ‘who can tag them in future tweets.’

According to mock-ups posted by Camozzi, unmentioning will simply unlink your handle from a tweet. It also prevents you from being tagged in future replies, similar to untagging yourself on Facebook.

The function may also allow you to prevent certain persons from referencing you in the future without completely blocking their accounts. Another possible update would be to allow you to prevent any new mentions for a certain number of days.


The idea is similar to one that allows users to limit the number of replies to their tweets. The option to “unmention,” like that tool, could help address some of the more toxic behaviors that frequently lead to large-scale harassment on Twitter.

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