Achievements of Senator Usman Kakar (Late)

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 07:30 pm
usman kakar

Senator Usman Kakar was given an honored burial in his hometown Muslim Bagh in Baluchistan.

Kakar died a mysterious death, his family claims that he was murdered.

He was found lying on the floor in the drawing-room of his house.

After being operated at a hospital in Quetta, he was taken to Karachi’s Aga Khan University Hospital in a special air ambulance.

He took his last breaths in the hospital. Medical experts informed that the wounds on his head were too austere to be the result of a mere fall.

The Balochistan government claims of Kakar’s family as ‘negative news’ even though the administration knows that Kakar faced serious life threats.

In his last speech in the Senate, Usman Kakar talked about the life threats he had been receiving.

Usman Kakar’s funeral was the gratitude of his astral charm and honor by the people of Balochistan to an honest political worker who devoted his life to the service of his people.

Usman Khan Kakar was born in 1961 in the Hindu Bagh (now Muslim Bagh) of Killa Saifullah district in Balochistan.

His father Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan Kakar was the head of his tribe.

Usman received his early education from a local school in Hindu Bagh.

He finished his higher secondary education in Bahawalpur and studied economics and law at Balochistan University.

Kakar started taking interest in 1977 when he got linked with the Pashtun Students Organization (PSO) of the Pakhtunkhwa National Awami Party (PNAP).

In 1983, the Frontier Students Federation, a student wing of the Mazdoor Kissan Party (MKP), merged with PSO and a new student group, the Pakhtunkhwa Students Organization, was molded.

In 1987, Kakar was chosen its first secretary, at the first meeting of the Pakhtunkhwa Students Organization in Peshawar.

In 1986, the NAP and MKP formed an alliance called the Pakhtunkhwa National People’s Alliance.

Kakar was elected as a member of the central council of this union.

In 1989, this connotation then became Pakhtunkhwa National Awami Party and Kakar was elected senior secretary.

In 2007, he became the provincial president of the party.

In 2013, while being the provincial president, he was elected central secretary at the party’s fourth congress.

He died serving as these positions in the Party.

In his 44 years of political career, Kakar witnessed a number of political disturbances and contributed to the confrontation movements.

In 2015, he was chosen in the Senate of Pakistan as a candidate for Pk MAP.

Kakar was among the sternest critics of the unelected intercessions in politics, and one of Baluchistan’s greatest supporters.

His ideology was based on Nationalist politics. He had an unwavering commitment to his political principles, which included the formation of an unaffected democratic and federal political system in Pakistan and embracing an independent and pro-people foreign policy.

He was vocal about the rights of minorities and plagued groups.

Usman Kakar was a brilliant political organizer and tactician.

He was of a rare disposition; even though reaching high-level positions, he continued a humble and devoted political worker till his last breath.

Usman had a humble personality, but behind his humbleness, there was a deep political philosophy.

Building organizations and strengthening their configurations were his greatest skill.

He started the process of founding party units in villages and towns across Pashtun regions.

He intended the door-to-door campaigns. He favored strict castigation within the party and endeavored to organize it on a revolutionary party.

Usman Kakar was deeply loved for his pro-people narrative and struggle.

Kakar’s final political act was bringing together thousands of Baloch and Pashtun people in a moment of collective loss.

Usman Kakar’s knowledge belong to us, the people will continue to forward his cause.


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