Why did Hira Mani slap her friend? Mani explained

Raba NoorWeb Editor

29th Jun, 2021. 09:34 pm
Hira slapped her friend

Actor Salman Saqib aka Mani revealed that once Hira slapped her friend for making fun of him.

According to the details, Hira and her husband Mani participated in a private TV show where during a segment, Mani had to share a secret of Hira to everyone.

Mani revealed the secret of Hira and said that once Hira and a friend of hers were going in a car and her friend said that Hira your husband is a comedian, on which Hira pulled her and slapped her, the incident happened late at night. Hira told her to get out of the car immediately.

Mani said that the driver called me and said that Baji Hira has gone mad, both Hira Baji and her friend are sitting in the back of the car and they have gotten into an argument.

Furthermore, he said that I told my driver to drop Hira’s friend who was sitting in the back of the car at her house and this incident happened about 9 years ago but I still remember it, Mani said.

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