Windows 11 has been leaked, and it resembles Windows 10X in appearance

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

16th Jun, 2021. 12:21 pm
Windows 11 has been leaked, and it resembles Windows 10X

Windows 11 is true, and information about it is leaking everywhere. First, this morning, a Baidu user shared two pictures of the OS, showcasing a centered Start menu with rounded corners. That image reminded us a lot of Windows 10X, especially since that (now-defunct) operating system also included a Start menu with centered icons.

Tom Warren has been searching into the leaked OS and has discovered some jewels. In terms of design, Windows 11 doesn’t appear to be significantly different from Windows 10, although there are some visible UI tweaks throughout. In addition to the curved corners, new snap controls allow you to quickly move a window to a precise location on your screen.

That appears to be a lot more useful than dragging an app around and hope Windows snaps it correctly. In addition, the redesigned app is now fully integrated into Windows 11, making it simple to find all of your Game Pass titles.

windows 11

Now that we’ve seen what Windows 11 looks like in reality, it’s clear why Microsoft abandoned 10X totally. The operating system was designed for dual-screen devices like the Surface Neo. But Microsoft said last year that it was shifting its focus to single-screen laptops.

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