Working more than 55 hours a week causes an increase in premature deaths

Shariq TahirWeb Editor

16th Jun, 2021. 04:46 pm
Working more than 55 hours a week, resulted in increase in deaths!

Several studies have found that people are working longer hours and carrying heavier workloads during COVID. The ‘always on’ syndrome only adds to the stress. People are working through illness, taking shorter lunch breaks, and eating mostly while working.

According to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report, persons who work longer hours are at a higher risk of ischemic heart disease and stroke. This applies to persons who work 55 hours or more per week, as compared to persons who work 35–40 hours per week.

According to Dr. Tilak Suvarna, “Long working hours are a serious health hazard and are known to be associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases like coronary heart disease and stroke. The likely reasons for the increased risk associated with a longer duration of work are – Less time for exercise or physical activity, which reduces the risk of heart disease, irregular work hours which means irregular food timings and unhealthy eating habits, and higher levels of mental stress, which is a likely risk factor for heart attack and stroke.”

Many people realize too late that they devoted themselves entirely to their career and failed to focus on everything else that gave their life value. So, before the stress of your job begins to wreak havoc on your health, discover methods to walk more, eat healthier, and take time off!


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