18 Alive snakes found in American couple’s bed

Raba NoorWeb Editor

16th Jul, 2021. 10:19 pm
18 Alive snakes found in American couple's bed

Max Wilcher, a resident of Augusta, Georgia, and his wife, Trish, have discovered 18 snakes under their bed before going to bed.

Talking to local media, Trish said that she noticed something moving on the floor under the bed when she got a little closer to see the moving thing in a few moments, her husband saw a snake.

“And then a second later another piece moved,” Wilcher said. “And I went to my husband: ‘We have snakes!’”

He added that the 18 were found under the bed but they did not want to kill them so they grabbed the snakes with tools and collected them in a bag and left them in a nearby creek without any difficulty.

Max’s wife said she called wildlife experts after the incident to find more baby snakes.

Environmental educator Camelia Sharmin says snakes can help you if rats bother you in a home, as their bodies are warmer in summer than in winter, so they stay active during the cold season and hide in houses.

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