5 Ways To Sneak In Almonds, Walnuts And More In A Diabetes Diet

Raba NoorWeb Editor

10th Jul, 2021. 12:45 am
Diabetes Diet

The benefits of nuts are no secret to the world. Deemed to be a superfood, nuts include every essential nutrient to promote a fit mind and body.

A handful of nuts can go also go a long way in maintaining blood sugar levels. According to a study, published in the journal Circulation Research, eating almonds and walnuts may help people with diabetes keep up a healthy heart.

If you are wondering how to add nuts to your diet without making it boring, we have a surprise for you. We bring 5 interesting ideas to sneak in your favorite nuts to your everyday meal in the most delicious way. Let’s take a look!

How To Include Nuts In A Diabetes Diet:

1. Make chutneys:
You may prepare chutneys with almonds and walnuts to pair with your everyday meal.

2. Add to chai:
You may add nuts in their powdered form to your daily cup of tea.

3. Make smoothies:
The best way to enjoy nuts is to make a smoothie out of it. Add nuts and other diabetes-friendly ingredients to a juicer and blend. And a glass of healthy smoothie is ready to be relished.

4. Add to your paratha:
Love paratha? Make them healthier by stuffing almonds, pistachio, or walnuts in the parathas.

5. Make nut-based unsweetened desserts:
Gone are those days when desserts were not diabetes-friendly. Today, you get a gamut of dessert recipes that can be eaten without worrying about your blood sugar levels. Make sure you add a good number of nuts in those recipes to make them yet healthier.

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