70-year old man miraculously survived despite falling under the train, watch video

Raba NoorWeb Editor

19th Jul, 2021. 06:53 pm
man miraculously survived

Numerous incidents have been reported around the world in which many people have died and returned alive, while a similar incident took place on the Kalyan railway track in the Indian city of Mumbai.

A video of a 70-year-old frail man has been shared on the Twitter account of Indian media in which it can be seen that some people from the railway administration are trying to get a man out from under the train. Can also be seen coming out alive and well.

According to a press release issued by the Central Railway of India, the incident of a weak person falling on the railway track took place just after 12 noon on Sunday. Shankar fell under the train while passing through the railway track and got stuck under the train. However, if the railway driver had not applied the emergency brake at that moment, Hari Shankar would have fallen under the train and died.

Later, people came together and helped Hari Shankar to get out from under the train.

According to the report, the track has been closed to the public by the administration after the fall of a citizen.

On the other hand, a cash prize of Rs 2,000 has also been announced for both engine drivers who applied the emergency brake.


Central Railway GM of India has announced a cash award of Rs 2,000 for each engine driver for their timely act of saving the person.

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