Woman files lawsuit against husband for domestic violence caused by PUBG

Raba NoorWeb Editor

26th Jul, 2021. 10:12 pm
lawsuit for playing PUBG

A woman filed a lawsuit against her husband, alleging that the violence caused her psychological and physical harm while playing PUBG.

According to the details, the world’s fourth-largest mobile game, PUBG, which has more than 750 million players, includes men and women from the Arab world.

Hundreds of people have lost their lives so far because of this game, dozens have suffered because of this game.

A similar incident took place in an Arab state where a woman filed a lawsuit against her own husband for PUBG.

The incident took place on Eid-ul-Adha when guests came over to the woman’s house and the husband asked the woman to make coffee for the guests but she forgot to make coffee while playing the PUBG.

The husband beat the woman for not serving coffee to the guests and playing PUBG instead, but he got into trouble himself.

The woman filed a complaint with the police against her husband’s violence, saying that the beating had caused her psychological and physical damage for which she would seek compensation.

The woman added in her complaint that my husband doesn’t let me play PUBG even though I fulfill all the responsibilities of the house.

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