Add these 6 Delish Coconut-Based Summer Drinks to Your Diet

Syeda Mishal IntikhabWeb Editor

13th Jul, 2021. 01:08 pm
Add these 6 Delish Coconut-Based Summer Drinks to Your Diet

There’s the most preferable glass of reviving, refreshing, and breezy coconut water. It’s always been the perfect summer drink as the sun shines at its brightest. Meanwhile, when it comes to staying hydrated while replenishing nutrients, there are numerous manners by which you can utilize the modest coconut water or milk, which is made from the white flesh inside the fruit. Coconut is a storehouse of electrolytes and good fats, which your body can profit from. Consume a good quality of coconut can give you enough calories to empower the body and is also easily digested, reduces appetite and untimely cravings.

Coconut is wealthy, also good in fats and electrolytes and it can give you enough calories without making you feel starved.

Here are 6 coconut drinks that are magic portions in themselves. With each sip, they will move you to the ideal summer destination.

Coconut Water with Lemon and Mint 

To make this cooler, you simply need to add ground coconut, mint, lemon squeeze, and honey to a glass of coconut water. It’s an absolute thirst-quencher.

Coconut and Cucumber Gazpacho 

Slashed cucumber, mint, and coconut milk—how could this not be a refreshing beverage?

This drink also serves as a starter after meals or snack on it to stay hydrated.

Coconut Mango Smoothie  

We have everything magical here — Mangoes, Honey, Sunflower seeds, Oats, Yogurt, and Coconut Milk. This beverage is the ideal accomplice for your weight reduction exercise routine too. Have it directly toward the beginning of the day to feel invigorated.

Iced Coconut Chai

If you are desire some rich tropical flavor, so coconut tea is your go-to option.

It’s delectable, nutritious, and will keep you cool and revived on hot days. Aside from coconut milk, you’d need cinnamon and cardamom to make this late spring guilty pleasure. Sprinkle it with honey for taste.

Thai Coconut Pineapple Drink

If coconut water and pineapple juice are your ideal ways of staying hydrated during the hot months and pineapple juice are your optimal methods of remaining hydrated during the hot months, this Thai Coconut Pineapple Drink right up your street.

You will require pineapples, limes, oranges, ginger, and coconut water to make this cooler. Add ice cubes before serving. Pineapples and coconuts have rich nutrients, making this a remarkably healthy beverage.

Coconut Water Coffee

This Coconut Water Coffee is the ideal formula for one who needs a caffeine hit yet is lactose intolerant. It’s easy to make, and naturally sweetened, thanks to the coconut water and milk, and has many hydrating benefits. Pour health into your cup with this summer drink. For best results, have it chilled.

Let us know which of these heat-busting drinks you picked from the list.


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