Andalusia’s parliament session interrupted by Rat; Video goes viral

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22nd Jul, 2021. 04:57 pm
Andalusia's parliament session

A rat caused havoc in Andalusia’s parliament session in spain. The video went viral on social media and left everyone laughing

Regional Speaker of Andalusia’s

parliament, Marta Bosquet was giving a speech at the podium when she noticed the rat and gasped in surprise. The other members in the session startled and started looking for the rat.

The video has so far received 1,34,00,00 views, views, 809 likes, 268 retweets and about 135 comments.

Quite a number of people have written hilarious comments expressing their reaction to the video.

“I would vote for the rat in a heartbeat. It has done more for the Spanish government than the government itself,” wrote a twitter user


Another user wrote, “For that brief moment the most powerful in the room.


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