Argentina employees to receive salaries in Bitcoin (BTC) payments

Syed AhadWeb Editor

08th Jul, 2021. 11:13 pm

Argentina: A law introduced by Congressman José Luis Ramón will allow companies to pay their employees in Bitcoin (BTC/USD).

According to the proposed bill, the service exporters and other employees will be able to get their salaries and benefits in Bitcoin, either in part or in full.

The law will not be mandatory for everyone, but it will be for those who seek to receive Bitcoin payments.

Ramon says that the main goal of the proposal is to strengthen the economy of Argentina and “preserve the purchasing power of their remuneration.”

The peso, Argentina’s national currency, has been experiencing annual inflation of over 50%.

Furthermore, the government has been developing initiatives to reduce the high rate.

According to Ramon, the current Bitcoin initiative is the result of such needs.

He claims that there is a strong desire to promote greater autonomy without jeopardizing the situation or implying a loss of rights.

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