Bakra Eid Special recipe: Mutton Leg Roast with Vegetables

Raba NoorWeb Editor

19th Jul, 2021. 12:49 am
Bakra Eid Special

Preparing special recipes on Eid-ul-Adha Recipes or Bakra Eid Recipes is an important aspect of our religion and culture. Everyone makes traditional and delicious Eid recipes during the 3 days of Eid.

Eid ul Adha is a special day for all Muslims because of Sunat-e-Ebrahimi Qurbani.  There are so many traditional recipes, cooked during these days including Kaleji (Goat Liver), Sheer khurma, mutton tawa roast, yakhni pulao, and BBQ.

Lets have a look at mouthwatering Mutton leg roast recipe in a unique way.


-Mutton leg preferably front leg 1.5 kg

-Namak (Salt) 1 & ½ tsp or to taste

-Kacha papita paste (Raw papaya paste) 1 tbs

-Adrak lehsan paste (Ginger garlic paste) 1 & ½ tbs

-Mutton roast masala 2 tbs

-Dhania powder (Coriander powder) ½ tbs

-Zeera powder (Cumin powder) 1 tsp

-Lal mirch powder (Red chilli powder) ½ tbs or to taste

-Chaat masala 1 & ½ tsp

-Lemon juice 1 tbs

-Dahi (Yogurt) thick ¾ Cup

-Tamatar (Tomato) slices 1 large

-Shimla mirch (Capsicum) slices 1 large

-Pyaz (Onion) slices 1 large

-Gajar (Carrots) slices 1 medium

-Lemon slices 2-3

-Lehsan (Garlic) sliced 2 cloves

-Paprika powder ½ tsp

-Namak (Salt) ½ tsp or to taste

-Kali mirch (Black pepper) crushed 1 tsp

-Lemon juice 1-2 tbs

-Makhan (Butter) 1-2 tbs

-Cooking oi 1 tsp

-Aalo (Potatoes) small & boiled 5-6


-Prick mutton leg with the help fork from both sides and make deep cuts with the help of knife from both sides.

-In a bowl, add mutton leg, salt, raw papaya paste, ginger garlic paste & rub evenly, cover & marinate for 2 hours.

-Add mutton roast masala, coriander powder, cumin powder, red chili powder, chaat masala lemon juice, yogurt and rub evenly, cover & marinate for 4 hours.

-In pot, add 1 pack of salt, place steam rack/wire rack (min 2“high) and preheat on medium flame for 10-15 minutes.

-Place extra thick parchment paper & marinated leg, cover & steam cook on low flame until tender (1 hour).

-Take out cooked mutton leg & reserve sauce for later use.

-In a bowl add tomato, capsicum, onion, carrot, lemon slices, garlic, paprika powder, salt, black pepper crushed, lemon juice & toss well.

-On a grill pan, add butter and let it melt.

-Add cooking oil, mixed vegetables, potatoes & grill on a medium flame for a minute.

-Place leg roast and apply reserved sauce & serve!

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