Ben Affleck introduces his kids to his lover Jennifer Lopez

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

16th Jul, 2021. 11:24 am
Ben Affleck

American singer, actress, Jennifer Lopez believes that now is the proper moment for her to meet Ben Affleck’s children..

In the midst of her romance with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez is opening out about finding happiness within herself.

The actress said she “won’t stand in the way of family,” according to an insider.

The source continues, “It was Ben’s idea to be open and just let it flow. Jen likes control, she thought that was a bit too loose, but now, looking back, Jen says it was a great decision. You can’t hide who your ex is dating. Especially if you’re in the business. And Jen has nothing against J. Lo.”

According to the insider, Affleck and Garner’s children “have met J. Lo and each other in passing, and the meeting “went well” and was “casual.”

“Samuel has spent the most time with J. Lo and he thinks she’s cool. Samuel, [J. Lo’s twins,] Emme and Max, had a blast at their recent amusement park visit,” the insider further said.

“Whatever happens in the end, Jen thinks her kids getting to know J. Lo, Emme and Max is a good thing. People come into your lives all the time, even if it’s your parents’ lives, and you can’t control it all. That’s just life,” the source concluded.

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