China to import 300 tons of chili from Pakistan: Wu Guang

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

14th Jul, 2021. 10:16 pm
chili in pakistan

China will import 300 tons of chili picked and dried at a pilot chili field in Lahore, Punjab province in August, stated Wu Guang, General Manager of Pakistan Subsidiary, China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC), he further added that it is the first time Pakistani chili will enter the Chinese market since 2020.

In July, a pilot Chili farm venture under the cooperation between Pakistani farmers and their Chinese partners – CMEC and Sichuan Litong Food Group – began to bear fruit, with a harvest around three times Pakistani variations.

Chen Changwei, Chairman of Sichuan Litong Food Group, China, noted that their pilot Chili farm scheme successfully accomplished 100 acres of cultivation in the first half of 2021 in Lahore.

For the 100-acre-pilot-project, the number of seeds is 380 grams per acre, with the harvest reaching 3 tons per acre. The total production is probable to reach 300 tons.

“We’re going to arrange a team of three agricultural experts on each chili field of around 0.165 acres,” Wu Guang told China Economic Net.

“We’re conducting contract farming with Pakistani farmers,” Wu Guang said.

“This model generates employment in the rural economy, reduces the risk for firms, and provides income for farmers,” stated Wu Guang.

He further stated that in the next phase of the pilot Chili farm project, as many as 3000 acres of land would be transported under chili farming.

Whereas, the Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Nong Rong admired the chili farming project, saying that the project is probable to produce more than 8,000 tons of dried chilies with net revenue of more than 100,000 rupees per acre for local farmers.

Furthermore, Pakistan has another benefit over China in growing chilies. Frequent cropping is possible here as the climate, soil, and water of Pakistan are different from those of China.
Chili is a tropical and sub-tropical plant that requires warmer weather.

Chen Changwei noted, the largest planting area of chili in China is its northern part, which turns cold after September, so mostly chili can only be planted for one season in China.

Whereas in Pakistan, “We can complete two seasons of planting as long as we avoid high temperatures from mid-June to August.”

“Our ultimate goal is to cooperate with our Pakistani friends on 200, 000 acres of land here,” said Chen Changwei.

Based on the planting, they will further progress downstream deep dispensation industries and create more employment opportunities in the future.


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