Citizens of Karachi to get free vehicle repairing service amid monsoon rains, Police

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

14th Jul, 2021. 08:50 pm

The police department in Karachi has kicked off Free Vehicle Repairing Service to ease citizens during the monsoon rains in the city.

The Madadgar 15 has tossed the ‘Free Vehicle Repair Service’ for the citizens of the city due to the monsoon rains from which they could get their vehicles revamped directly by simply dialing the police helpline ‘15’.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Security Maqsood Ahmed stated that a new unit was propelled under the Special Security Unit connected with Madadgar 15.

DIG further detailed that two special vehicles were planned with the support of the citizens during its early phase.

The distinct vehicles of Madadgar 15 will have mechanic services like fixing the tire punctures, filling the air in the tires, tugging a car, other essential apparatus comprising fire extinguishers.

“Citizens can call for getting assistance 24/7 from Madadgar 15 staff by calling to their helpline 15. The Urban Flooding Rescue Unit team is also associated with Madadgar 15’s service.”


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