Watch the adorable Video of a dog bringing a cow for sleepover

Muhammad Arsalan ArabWeb Editor

09th Jul, 2021. 07:19 pm

Do you recall how difficult it was to convince your parents to let you and your pals have a sleepover? It took a lot of begging and persuading for many people to get the response to change from “no” to “yes.” The identical scene is depicted in this adorable video. The fact that it includes a lovely dog bringing home its companion, who happens to be a cow, adds to the hilarity.

The video was accompanied by a humorous caption, which only adds to the humor of the clip. “Mom, can she sleep over tonight? I will clean my room tomorrow! Pleeeeease??” the caption reads.

This text is a fantastic match for the accompanying video. The video begins with ‘mom’ opening the front door to the house. The cute puppy is begging for a sleepover outside the door, and the cow pal is almost attempting to be coy. While watching this video, make sure the volume is turned up.

Take a look at the hilarious video:

Since shared on Twitter earlier today, the video has collected over 5,000 likes.

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