Roman AhmedWeb Editor

02nd Jul, 2021. 12:30 am

Crowds at Euro 2020 football stadiums and in pubs and bars in host cities are driving the current rise in coronavirus infections in Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

A 10-week decline in new coronavirus infections across the region has come to an end and a new wave of infections is unavoidable, due to the football fans, stated WHO.

Last week, the number of cases rose by 10%, driven by the mixing of crowds in Euro 2020 host cities, travel, and the easing of social restrictions, WHO said.

“We need to look much beyond just the stadiums themselves,” WHO’s senior emergency officer, Catherine Smallwood, told reporters.

“We need to look at how people get there, are they traveling in large crowded convoys of buses? And when they leave the stadiums, are they going into crowded bars and pubs to watch the matches?

“It is these small continuous events that are driving the spread of the virus,” Smallwood said.

UEFA said in a statement that extenuation measures at host venues “are fully aligned with the regulations set out by the competent local public health authorities”.

The rise in new COVID-19 cases is reported on a daily basis, as the more transmissible Delta virus variant spreads rapidly across Europe.


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