Faysal Quraishi opens up after being trolled, on his viral video

Raba NoorWeb Editor

05th Jul, 2021. 08:42 pm
Faysal Quraishi

Faysal Quraishi

In a recent segment of the game show, ‘Khush Raho Pakistan’, host Faysal Quraishi got instigated by a participant’s uncultured behavior which made him lose his cool and he walked off the stage while the show was being recorded and aired live.

The birthdays of two of the participants were being celebrated as the crowd cheered and sang the birthday song. During the celebration, two female participants started hitting the birthday boy, in a friendly manner.

The video of this segment went viral on social media and many TikTokers and social media users started recreating the video of Faysal and made fun of this.

After being trolled by many Faysal opens up and shares an Instagram story that read, “Trying to correct somebody doesn’t mean pulling another down. I’m at the stage where I don’t want to continue being in the zone where trolling is happening because it’s also a form of abuse.”

“Can’t understand why we need to be so intolerant and obsess over everything that fuels negativity,” he added

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