FBI Issues Warning to Crypto Users

Syed AhadWeb Editor

13th Jul, 2021. 06:49 pm

The FBI has issued a nationwide alert to users about suspected cyber-attacks on cryptocurrency exchanges and holders. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation announced this week that active threats to the business exist.

According to the FBI, certain people are carefully tracking weak holes in major crypto firms. Attackers have evolved a variety of specialized tactics to accomplish this. Sim swapping, tech support fraud, and account theft are examples of these.

The FBI made instructions for businesses on how to keep their assets protected.

The warning was distributed via the TLP protocol (a system for classifying sensitive information), which was created particularly for information distribution. The announcement also included a green designation, indicating that peers and organizations can exchange this information.

The FBI recommended cryptocurrency users to always use two-factor authentication and be cautious about the information they provide online.

Even though they’re simple to conduct, sim swap attacks are most difficult to defend.

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