Formula 1 reveals car built to 2022 rules at Silverstone

Muhammad Arsalan ArabWeb Editor

15th Jul, 2021. 09:49 pm
Formula 1

Formula 1 has unveiled the 2022 F1 car ahead of the British Grand Prix in an attempt to envision what the next generation of cars might look like.

The next generation of car was originally scheduled to debut in 2021, but was postponed to 2022 as a cost-cutting measure due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s also the first time the car’s full-scale model has been shown.

Formula 1

The new Formula 1 car is designed to improve wheel-to-wheel racing and drivers’ ability to track each other in stale air. The new design has reduced the return to ground effect and the removal of aerodynamic components such as complex bargeboards and extra front winglets.

To eliminate the need for aerodynamic devices and the unfavorable impacts of following another car in turbulent air, a new front wing form, reduced suspension design, revised rear-end layout, and underfloor tunnels have been introduced.

Formula 1

Engine efficiency and fuel sustainability are two major concerns with the next set of standards on the future, while gasoline tanks, halo, and crash structures have also garnered attention and have been made safer.

Formula 1 Formula 1 Formula 1 Formula 1 Formula 1

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