Galaxy Watch 4 Will Have Twice The Storage of Galaxy Watch 3

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19th Jul, 2021. 10:01 am
Galaxy Watch 4 Will Have Twice The Storage of Galaxy Watch 3

The Galaxy Watch 4 series, which is slated to launch sometime next month. The new watch series will be bringing a huge software upgrade.

Samsung will be skipping Tizen in favor of Google’s Wear OS, as the Korean giant is looking for the access to Google Play Store and a vast collection of apps as one of the major reasons for the move.

Having access to more apps than what Tizen could have offered, the users would need more storage. According to the sources, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will have two times the storage of the previous watch series. The storage is said to be 16GB built-in.

More Apps Require More Storage and Galaxy Watch 4 will have it

The new bumped storage is twice what Galaxy Watch 3 offered and 4x to that of Watch 2 Active.

One of the benefits One UI Watch or Wear OS will bring is that whatever apps users will install on their phones will be automatically installed on their smartwatches too. So this means that 4GB or 8GB will not be enough, especially when you are also using the storage space for podcasts and music.

The bump in the storage space is not the only upgrade. The new watch series will feature the all-new Exynos W920 chipset. It will boast up to 1.25x faster CPU performance and a massive 8.8x increase in graphics performance compared to the Exynos 9110 found inside existing Galaxy smartwatches.

There would be 1.5GB RAM available. Though this is nothing new as 1.5GB RAM was also available in the previous watches too.

The Galaxy Watch 4 series is likely to be unveiled on August 11, alongside Samsung’s new foldable phones and wireless earbuds.

As per Amazon, the watches will go on sale from August 27.

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