Govt’s decision to allow LNG import through private sector welcomed

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15th Jul, 2021. 07:32 pm

ISLAMABAD: The All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) has said that allowing the private sector to import gas will ensure continued supply of cheap gas and may help the country escape the commodity crisis in the upcoming winters, a statement quoted an official, as saying, on Thursday.

APCNGA Group Leader Ghiyas Paracha lauded the efforts of Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Petroleum Tabish Gauhar and Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar for allowing the private sector to import liquefied natural gas.

He said: “The SAPM and federal minister for energy have convinced Prime Minister Imran Khan that the decision will be in the best national interest for which we are highly grateful.”

The private sector has also been allowed to utilise excess terminal and pipeline capacity, which will have a positive impact on the overall economy, Paracha said, adding that serious efforts are in progress for early completion of the North-South gas pipeline, which would boost the economy.

All the steps being taken will promote the industrial sector, improve the transport sector and provide almost 500,000 jobs, he said, adding that the import of 200mmcfd additional gas will save $300 million in oil import bill.

The European Union (EU) and India have decided to improve gas infrastructure due to increasing price of petrol in the international market, while Pakistan already has good infrastructure, which should be exploited in the national interests.

The import of LNG by the private sector would reduce the financial risk of the government, control circular debt, and reduce environmental pollution by 1.8 million trees, he added.

Paracha said that through the import of the liquefied natural gas, the country will not face load-shedding and the cost of industrial production and transportation will also be reduced.

Besides, the car owners will save Rs6,000 to Rs10,000 in fuel costs every month, he added.

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