Honda Has Reduced Car Prices After a Long Wait

Tahir Yameen

09th Jul, 2021. 07:00 pm

Finally, the wait is over, as Honda Atlas has released new prices for its vehicles. The announcement comes after the new Auto Policy (2021-2022).

These are the prices without the factor. The following are the new Honda Civic and BR-V as follows.

The price of the Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo has been reduced by Rs135,000, bringing it down to Rs4,564,000 from Rs4,699,000 previously.

The price of the second model, the Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVT, has been decreased by Rs115,000. This car was formerly priced at Rs3,729,000, but it is now priced at Rs3,614,000. Finally, the price of the Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT has been reduced by Rs115,000, bringing it down to Rs3,864,300 from Rs3,979,000 previously.

Finally, the rate of BR-V i-VTEC S A/T is reduced by Rs105,000. The new price of this variant is Rs3,374,000 against its old rate of Rs3,479,000.

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