I have never used cosmetic injections says Paris Hilton

Tahir Yameen

27th Jul, 2021. 12:20 am
Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton swears by her non-invasive microcurrent device, called a Neurotris, to naturally tighten her facial muscles, the 40-year-old socialite hasn’t found the need to turn to popular cosmetic injections to maintain her wrinkle-free.

She said “I’ve never done an injection – any Botox, no fillers. Most of my friends have been doing that [Botox or fillers] for years since they were in their 20s, but I’m so happy that I’ve not done anything.”

Despite the fact that her complexion shows no signs of aging, the blonde model believes her fashion choices have naturally matured over time since she no longer wants to look like  a “Barbie-raver” and instead wants to be more “elegant.”

She explained: “I used to have more of a Barbie-raver, club-kid vibe and now I’m more elegant and wearing Lanvin, Valentino, and Oscar de la Renta.”

Paris Hilton loves that the velvet two-piece is back on the fashion scene. She may have thrown out the velour tracksuits and Von Dutch hats that were a staple in her wardrobe during the 2000s in favor of little black dresses, but she loves that the velvet two-piece is back on the scene.

She said: “Everything I wore back in the day when people thought I was nuts. It was like, ‘What is she wearing?’ Now everyone is wearing it.”

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