India did not invest in Afghanistan in good faith: DG ISPR

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

10th Jul, 2021. 09:17 pm
India Strengthens Anti-Pakistan Factions In Afghanistan: DG ISPR

Director-General of the Inter-Services Public Relations – ISPR Major General Babar Iftikhar said that “India’s investment in Afghanistan appears to be sinking”.

“If India had invested in Afghanistan in good faith, then it would not have been disappointed today,” said the DG ISPR told a private TV channel.

DG ISPR said that India’s aim was to damage Pakistan by marching into Afghanistan.

He added that New Delhi tried to blame Pakistan and tell the world that the “cause of problems in Afghanistan” is Pakistan.

Gen Iftikhar stated that there was no truth to the entitlements made by India, adding that “the world knows that Pakistan has tried its utmost to solve the Afghan problem in the best possible manner”.

‘Early extraction of US troops from the Afghan region’

The DG PISPR, who spoke about Afghanistan and Pakistan’s reply to the condition there, also talked about the role played by the US.

“The only expectation from the United States was that there would be a responsible withdrawal from Afghanistan,” said the DG ISPR. He explained that by a responsible withdrawal he meant a proper transfer of authority and lamented that the withdrawal by the US forces “was done a little early”.

The DG ISPR also replied to the rumors flowing in the media on American bases in Pakistan.

DG ISPR said that the Pakistani government had made it clear that there was no question of giving bases to the US as there is no need for it.

‘Border management should be done on the Afghan side as well’

DG ISPR lamented the absence of work done by the Afghan administration on border management with Pakistan.

“Border management should have been done on the other side as well, but unfortunately that has not been done,” said the DG ISPR.

However, he was confident that the nation of Pakistan is unwavering to not allow anyone to use its soil against the alternative countries.

“We will not allow any unwanted people to enter the country,” he said.

Gen Iftikhar said that border administration is desirable as everyone knows that Daesh and the TTP are in Afghanistan and have infrequently strained to damage welfares.

He guaranteed everyone that security at the country’s border with Afghanistan is much better today.

Whereas, he added that superfluous Frontier Corps wings have been shaped to further improve the safety at the border.

The DG ISPR further stated that 90% of the fencing on the Pak-Afghan border was complete.

He also said that the interior ministry has made plans to deal with the invasion of immigrants in circumstances of ferocity intensifies in Afghanistan.


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