Indian driver in Dubai wins Dh20m in Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw

Raba NoorWeb Editor

05th Jul, 2021. 09:22 pm
Big Ticket draw

Renjith Somarajan, a Dubai-based Indian driver with nine others, won Dh20 million in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket draw.

During a live telecast by the draw’s organizers, Renjith Somarajan was named as the new ‘Dh20 Mighty Millionaire.’

“I couldn’t believe it when my name was called during the jackpot,” said the 37-year-old to media

“I moved on and saw a mosque on my way to the vegetable market. I just told the almighty that I missed again. But while I was driving to the vegetable market, something stirred my mind. I returned to the mosque. And believe it or not, my ticket number (349886) was called out. My eight-year-old son, who was following the event live, screamed in joy.” he further added

Somarajan’s phone is suddenly ringing with well-wishes from friends and family. He claimed that he had a difficult time, hopping from job to job in search of higher pay.

“I have been here since 2008. I worked as a driver with Dubai Taxi and different companies. Last year, I worked as driver-cum-salesman with a company but with my salary deduction, it was a difficult life. Now, I have found a job as a driver-cum-PRO at a new company. I will join soon, maybe next month. My salary will be Dh3,500. My wife works at a hotel. I used to buy tickets with the aim of improving my quality of life. I always wanted to do my own business. I will consult my family and make a decision.”

Somarajan will be sharing the amount with his nine friends whom he gathered only recently.

“We are a total of 10 people. Others are from different countries, like India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. They work in the valet parking of a hotel. We took the ticket under the ‘buy two and get one free offer. Each person pooled Dh100. The ticket was taken in my name on June 29. What I can tell others is to continue trying your luck. I was always sure that my lucky day would come. I was always sure the almighty would bless me one day.”

However, Somarajan still has a difficult task ahead of him: convincing his mother that he has become a millionaire. “I used to always call her and pretend that I have won millions, and she would believe me. But now that I have actually got lucky, she refuses to take my word,” the new millionaire concluded

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