Kyle Richards Rushes to the Hospital After Accidentally Walking into a Beehive

Hina MasoodWeb Editor

26th Jul, 2021. 12:22 pm
Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was taken to the hospital after she walked into a beehive and was stung many times.

Kyle Richards was stung by bees after going into their hive on her home by accident this weekend, putting her in a dangerous scenario.


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On Sunday, July 15, the 52-year-old Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star released security camera footage of the incident as well as photos of herself being treated in a hospital on her Instagram Story, as she is allergic to their venom.

“So this happened yesterday,” Kyle wrote. “I walked into a hive of bees and was stung multiple times. If you know me at all, you know I am allergic to bees and am terrified of them.”

In one of the recordings, the reality star can be seen crying for help while racing on her patio to an open door. She then rips a stinger from her palm and runs in a circle before plunging into the pool completely clothed while her dogs pace and stare at her.

“I can laugh at this video now,” Kyle wrote, “but what you can’t see is that they were in my hair and were literally chasing me. My family wasn’t home and for whatever reason the people that work for me couldn’t hear me screaming for help. My landline wouldn’t dial 911 and my epi pen was defective and wouldn’t open.”

On a photo of herself wearing an oxygen mask while lying on a hospital bed, Kylie wrote, “I share this story with you because I sometimes don’t bother to take my epi pen with me. I also don’t know why I couldn’t get mine to work. It’s important to look on youtube and watch the videos of how to use it. There are different types of epi pens and they each work differently. But also always call 911 even if you are able to use your epi pen as they have to use other medications to help breathing etc.”

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