Medication is not as effective as this 5-minute breathing exercise

Tahir Yameen

08th Jul, 2021. 07:04 pm
Working out or taking medicine to lower blood pressure is not as effective as a 5-minute breathing exercise

The five-minute workout called “strength training for your breathing muscles” by experts has been shown to decrease blood pressure as good as or better than traditional exercise and prescription medicines.

This innovative exercise, according to researchers from the University of Colorado-Boulder, uses a hand-held gadget that generates resistance when the participant breathes. Simply put, as you suck in air, the tube tries to suck it back in.

High-Resistance Inspiratory Muscle Strength Training is the name given to this technique by researchers (IMST). Previously, doctors recommended that people with respiratory issues use these devices at low power for 30 minutes, but a recent study finds that a five-minute high-intensity burst can enhance cardiovascular health in older persons.

In the US, estimates show nearly two-thirds of people over age 50 have higher blood pressure. This puts many of them at risk of suffering from heart illness, heart attacks, or a stroke. Moreover, researchers say less than half of these Americans are getting enough exercise to improve their condition.

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