My ex-husband still speaks to me like a friend, says Mathira

Raba NoorWeb Editor

24th Jul, 2021. 12:25 am

Leading Pakistani host, and model Mathira has said that even after her divorce from her ex-husband, they continue to talk like friends.

Recently, Mathira attended a show by senior actor Noman Ijaz as a guest.

In the program, Mathira also talked about various issues related to her failed married life.

“I will not call myself unlucky for my failed married life,” Mathira said.

“The time I spent with my ex-husband was great, and I believe that sometimes a person is not wrong, but the time that separates two people is wrong,” she said.

“Even after the divorce, I still have friendly conversations with my ex-husband. There is no enmity between us and I want the two to be happily separated,” she said.

“The greatest joy for me,” she said

“I thank God that my bad times did not affect my health,” Mathira added.

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