Nadia Hussain reveals everything About Her Diet & Skin Regime

Raba NoorWeb Editor

09th Jul, 2021. 10:17 pm
Nadia Hussain

A beautiful Pakistani actress and model Nadia Hussain. She is also famous because of her extremely glowing skin and fitness. The most admirable thing about the actress is that she is a mother of four children and she doesn’t look like a mom to four.

In the recent interview, she laid emphasis on looking fit and good and also gave an insight into her skin and fitness routine.

Talking about her fitness goals she said, “I never leave exercise, Yes, I am diet conscious. I try to control portions when I need to reduce weight, I eat in portions which is really important”

About her skin Regime, she said, “I say to my clients that daily care is essential”

She justified it with the example of a car that people keep cleaning their cars and bikes daily, they clean it with cloth, they get them fixed monthly that’s why they look good.

She said that if they will stop cleaning their cars, the cars will look dirty, same as if they won’t cleanse their faces, they will get dry, ugly, and rough. So all the ladies and men have to cleanse their faces daily without a doubt.

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