Octopus with transparent skin caught on camera, video went viral

Muhammad Arsalan ArabWeb Editor

11th Jul, 2021. 10:52 pm

People are fascinated by the video of a glass octopus captured by a team of experts. It’s wonderful to observe the animal flowing through the water while displaying its see-through skin.

The footage was recently uploaded on the Schmidt Ocean Institute’s Instagram feed. “The Glass Octopus is a nearly transparent pelagic species of octopus found worldwide in tropical and subtropical latitudes. The only visible features of the octopus are its optic nerve, eyeballs, and digestive tract (the silvery piece in the middle),” reads a part of the caption shared along with the video.

People were intrigued by the clip, and several posted varied comments to show their surprise. Some others used the words “stunning” or “amazing” to describe their feelings.

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