Pakistan most affordable country to live in

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31st Jul, 2021. 08:02 pm
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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has ranked cheapest country to live in with a cost of living index 18.58; followed by Afghanistan 24.51, India 25.14 and Syria 25.31.

According to the cost of living index by GoBankingRates Company, Pakistan is the cheapest country to live in. Several organisations have used statistics to determine the cheapest countries to live in. One of these companies is GoBankingRates and the company uses four metrics to determine which countries are the most affordable.

The metrics used include rent index, local purchasing power index, consumer price index, groceries index and the information compiled, compared to the cost of living in New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the world.

On the opposite end, the most expensive countries to live in are the Cayman Islands 141.64, Bermuda 138.22, Switzerland 122.67, and Norway 104.49. All four of these countries have a higher cost of living than New York City.

The cost of living is the money needed to sustain a certain comfort level in a location and covers basics such as housing, groceries, taxes, and healthcare.

Some countries have a very high cost of living, particularly in the areas surrounding large cities, as in the United States, cities such as New York and San Francisco have a very high cost of living.

On the flip side, some nations have a very low cost of living, so many people are packing their belongings to move to these countries.

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