Philippines and Vietnam pursue crypto-friendly policies

Syed AhadWeb Editor

06th Jul, 2021. 12:37 am

The Philippines’ national stock market wants to bring crypto assets under its supervision, and Vietnam’s central bank has been urged by the PM to launch a cryptocurrency pilot program.

Both of these countries are attempting to implement new policies to mainstream cryptocurrency.

In Asia, the Philippines and Vietnam are the countries with the most crypto users.

In comparison to their larger Asian peers — India and China, they both look more positive about digital tokens.

China and India aren’t the only Asian countries debating the future of crypto. As the popularity of digital tokens grows, smaller players such as the Philippines and Vietnam are entering the market.

According to the PSE, cryptocurrencies are an asset class that the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) can no longer ignore.

They also feel that merging the crypto framework into the existing exchange will make it safer for users to trade on international exchanges.

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