PM Imran Khan to settle old disputes with Baloch Insurgents

Roman AhmedWeb Editor

05th Jul, 2021. 09:39 pm
ik in gwader

Speaking to the Gwadar business community in his official visit on Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said if it wasn’t for his sincere objectives for Balochistan he would instead be spending summers in London and shopping from Harrods since he was not elected from here.

In his address, he said he was, in fact, thinking of resolving the issues with Baloch insurgents by talking to them since they have been the victim of inequalities in the past.

He further stated no rulers, federal or local, in the past have dealt with Baloch people fairly and thus dispossession of basic rights provoked desolation and conflict amongst citizens.

PM stated Nawaz Sharif in his leadership tenure went on international trips 24 times and shopped from Harrods, but he hardly ever visited Balochistan simply because there was no interest politically.

Similarly, Asif Ali Zardari boarded on over 50 trips abroad but did he visit Gwadar for people here, asked premier.

Whereas times have now changed, he said, adding that we are now alleviating the complaints of people there and giving them the highest by far PSDP share from the budget so people can advantage from the development in the province.



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