Ranveer Singh Was first choice to play Sandeep Singh in “Soorma”

Sania SaeedWeb Editor

13th Jul, 2021. 06:31 pm
Ranveer Singh Was first choice to play Sandeep Singh in "Soorma"

 Ranveer Singh was considered as the lead actor for ”Soorma” said former hockey captain Sandeep Singh. Diljit Dosanjh had played the role in Sandeep’s biopic

Indian hockey captain Sandeep Singh said that actor Ranveer Singh was ‘certainly considered’ for the starring role in Soorma instead of singer-actor Diljit Dosanjh . Ranveer Singh was not his first choice, according to Haryana’s minister of sports and youth affairs, because he wanted the person who would play him in his biopic to ‘look like a real Sikh.’

Soorma’s debut album was launched on this day on July 13 in 2018, and it hit the right chord with the audience. The storyline of the film was inspired by genuine events, and it focused on top hockey player Sandeep Singh, who was accidentally shot during a train journey in 2006. He was nearly paralyzed for a year, yet he overcame all odds and regained his ability to walk.

Sandeep Singh took it upon himself to train Diljit Dosanjh after he was cast in the role of his character on the big screen. He is all praises for the actor’s quick learning power. He says, “It was really easy training Diljit Dosanjh because his nature is as such that he picks up things really quick. It took me hardly three-four months to train Diljit because his learning power is quick.”

Sandeep Singh further said that he is grateful for the overwhelming response he received from the people. “I got the kind of love I wasn’t expecting,” he added. People were enthralled by my journey in the film. It wasn’t simple to tell my life narrative in 2 hours and 20 minutes on the screen because I had a lot of challenges throughout my life. You want to show everything that went on behind the scenes, but it’s impossible to do so.

However, the Soorma team did it so wonderfully. I owe it to them, especially Diljit Dosanjh, who did an excellent job in my capacity. I’d want to thank Taapsee Pannu, director Shaad Ali, and the producers for three years of Soorma (Chitrangada Singh and Deepak Singh). Everyone did a fantastic job of bringing the true tale to the audience.

Last year, Sandeep, also known as Flicker Singh, had confirmed a sequel to Soorma. The new film will be based on his political journey and will be titled Singh Soorma.

“After the Success & Love Showered by All on Soorma now commencing with The Onward Journey of Sandeep Singh as Singh Soorma with my Bro and Producer Deepak Singh,” he tweeted on July 13, 2020. Seek Ur Support and Blessings.” In 2010, Sandeep was awarded the Arjuna award.


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